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Our Vision

i am... just human.

This project fuels the passion of Judge Rachel and Dr. Dorsha’s mission to promote acceptance by having an open mind to love others in spite of their differences.




Our Story

Written In The Stars

Judge Rachel and Dr. Dorsha’s stories have been eerily similar since they were little girls. Their unique experiences individually, and now collectively, lends to their dynamic story.





Our Show



Where The law Meets Medicine

Using educational and investigative reporting, Judge Rachel and Dr. Dorsha discusses today’s relevant topics in an engaging show.



Venus Squared

Watch two headstrong, independent women live together in “perfect harmony” while trying to save the world.



i am ... just human

Words are so easily spoken and typed that they have lost their significance.  I AM…JUST HUMAN is all about putting real action behind them.

... and Learn


Our Blog

The inside scoop.

We want to start a movement; one of kindness and action and inclusiveness.  Ask yourself:  What are YOU doing in your community?  What are YOU doing to stop cyberbullying?  What are YOU doing to help future generations learn acceptance? What are WE collectively doing to move the needle? Follow along as we do our best to move the needle of change.



Make a Difference

As minority women in two very demanding and male dominated professions, Judge Rachel and Dr. Dorsha possess the natural ability to command attention in all forums.  From speaking to elementary to college-aged students to sitting on panels discussing a multitude of legal, medical and now, LGBTQIA issues to appearances at community events, their chemistry and innate ability to relate to people from all walks of life, makes them a sought after pair of orators.